Don’t give up trying

So your baby has decided not to come at week 25. Don’t worry my dear friend…

Have a rest tonight…  you will need it after everything is over.

Have a rest and then think about tomorrow. Don’t give up trying…  Miracles exist (even if right now, at this moment, both of you don’t beleive in them… they simply exist)


Tomado de la película Away we go (2009)      A partir del minuto 9:00 de este vídeo

Tom Garnett: She had another miscarriage.

Burt Farlander: What? When?

Tom Garnett: Thursday.

Burt Farlander: This Thursday?

Tom Garnett: Yeah. This is her fifth. I know she loves all those kids like, like they were her own blood. But, I wonder if we’ve been selfish. People like us we wait till our thirties and then we’re surprised when the babies aren’t so easy to make anymore and then every day another million fourteen year olds get pregnant without trying. It’s a terrible feeling, this helpless, man. You just watch these babies grow and then fade. You don’t know if you’re supposed to name them, or bury them, or… I’m sorry.


It’s not your fifth, it was your first… hopefully also your last.


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